Project Ekta: Indian Farmers Movement Support

Kisaan Majdoor ekta zindabad:
Long live the unity with farmers and laborers

There are hundreds of thousands of farmers camped out on the outskirts of the Indian capital of New Delhi, to peacefully protest new pro-market agriculture laws, which stand to dissolve the livelihood of many small farmers. Farmers, their families, and supporters have caravaned from many states across India – some traveling by tractor, trucks, cars, and even bicycles to fight for their rights. Along the way, and while at the encampment, many have encountered several events of police brutality and media censorship.

The three new bills were passed in summer of 2020 without the input or consultation of any farmers organizations. The result of these bills is revoking the once-guaranteed minimum selling price of crops and instead will privatize the farming industry. While many western countries also privatize farming, they do so while also affording certain protections to farmers – these types of protections are not afforded to farmers in the case of the Indian farming bills. Many are afraid these laws will open the doors to large corporations and leave small farmers to lose their livelihoods.

The farmers’ intentions have always been to peacefully protest, but have been labeled as “anti-national” and “terrorists” by mainstream media and have been relegated to New Delhi’s borders. Prime Minister Modi has not shown any signs of giving in to the demands of the farmers; the farmers are ready to peacefully protest for as long as it takes to have their demands met. Many have stated that they would rather die at the borders of New Delhi fighting for their rights, than to doom the livelihood of their families and future generations by acquiescing to these “kaale kaanoon” (killer laws).

If you are looking to share awareness in your communities – whether at your respective workplaces, schools, gurdwaras, organizations, etc., we have developed a slide deck and flyer to help you do so in an easily digestible manner. 

The materials include introduction videos, quick facts, and resources on how to mobilize in your respective communities. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions or follow ups for resources, for information regarding local coordinators, or even to help facilitate conversations in schools or companies – we are more than happy to provide the support!

Click Here to Download the Farmers Support Slide Deck 

Click Here to Download the Farmers Support Informational Flyer