About Us


Our founder’s Sikh faith is one of her most defining identifiers. Sikh values have been the foundation that has allowed her to navigate through life from making major decisions to minor lifestyle choices. Her passion for Seva and social justice also sprouts from her faith and is what led to the birth of the YSG Collective. About two years into the corporate world post-college, Sukhmani had a nagging feeling of being unfulfilled. While she loved her work, she realized she had given less time for Seva and less Dasvandh (charitable donation) than she did when she was busier and more economically strained in college. In reaching out to her friends, she realized she was not alone, and within a couple of months mobilized a team of five in her San Jose apartment to prep a homeless feed in October 2019.

Today, YSG Collective has over 70+ active members, and are growing every day – with three active initiatives even in the age of COVID-19. With a little Seva, a little networking, and a lot of soulful gathering, YSG has become a family for many young adults in the Bay Area. 


YSG Collective was founded on the basis of Sikh values:

1. Seva (duty to selfless service)

2. Dasvandh (one tenth fiscal charitable contribution)

3. Sangat (community)

However, our team of volunteers is made up of young adults in their 20s and 30s from all sorts of professional, geographic, ethnic, and religious backgrounds. What unites us is that we share our interests in giving back to the community and that our personal/professional endeavors have led us to now be based in the Bay Area.


Founder & Director – Sukhmani Kaur Kocher

Our founder, Sukhmani Kaur is NY born, but a Bay Area local. By profession, she is a Management Consultant at Accenture specializing in Customer Experience Design and Innovation work. Outside of work, she has a passion for the arts and social justice. Her favorite mediums of expression are writing, singing, and dancing. Sukhmani graduated from Santa Clara University in just over a total of 2 years with a major in Political Science and a double minor in International Business & Italian. She has a love for languages, cultures, and traveling – currently speaking six languages with a hunger to always learn more!

Program Coordinator – Amitoj singh

Amitoj Singh is a propulsion engineer working for Alstom, maintaining new BART trains. He strongly believes in the mission of YSG and that every small effort towards helping others brings people a little closer together. This group helps him express love, kindness, and patience towards his community. Amitoj’s vision to make this world a better place starts with organizations such as this one that root us in humility and gratitude. In his spare time he likes to stay physically active by exercising and playing various sports. Amitoj’s choice of escape from reality is often being lost in the realm of space, spending time stargazing.

Social Media Marketing Lead – Seema Harpalani

Seema is currently working as an Administrative Professional at BCG in Boston.  Previously, she was a world traveler visiting and volunteering in ~15 countries to date, both 3rd world developing and developed countries around South East Asia, Europe and the USA.  While traveling she spent time as a Multimedia Producer and Marketing communications as a Freelancer.  She is strongly passionate about Marketing and Digital storytelling especially when that creative story can help shine light and bring awareness to communities in need.  In her spare time she likes writing, music, photography and traveling.